Fuori squadro sul mare – restoration appartment

The theme of this project was the complete transformation of a large apartment built in the sixties, in order to satisfy the new needs of a young family. The intervention involved, in addition to internal redistribution, also the rebuilding of the entire plant part. The functional layout, designed in close harmony with the client, was designed by creating a large living area where the kitchen environment remains central to the entire distribution of the rooms, but at the same time, it is shielded from the room. Some features of the house, such as the particular window of the dining area, have been maintained; on the other hand, the internal redistribution of the spaces, the furnishings and the finishes have significantly changed. The full-height boiseries in particular, have allowed to hide some functional environments such as the small bathroom and the wardrobe, present in the living area. The summary of the intervention is a welcoming apartment with a contemporary style and a vintage flavor.

Year2019 CityCivitanova Marche (Mc) Category